Designing human-centred. Exploration of an alarm clock and modelling the concept from a paper prototype to a rendering.







Philipp Roser


Prof. Marc Guntow

Kai Wanschura

Maximilian Schulist

Johanna Wellnitz

A motivational alarm clock for waking up with friends

IXD Design


During the project, I wanted to investigate how to create an alarm clock for a fellow student that motivates to start the day with energy and enthusiasm. The one month workshop was a remarkable opportunity to exercise my skills in the design process and user centric design.


Design an alarm clock that addresses the demotivation while waking up alone.


Sphere allows the user to see which of their contacts are also waking up. The alarm clock's screen displays a new dot floating for each person who has woken up, with the data coming from the health apps of friends.

The app enables the user to select which contacts are shown, and it's worth noting that the user must select at least 10 contacts to ensure the privacy of each individual.

At the set wake-up time, the dots representing the waking contacts shine the brightest, and a pre-selected playlist starts playing with increasing volume. If desired, Sphere can accompany the user through their morning routine with music or podcasts.

After successfully setting the wake-up time, Sphere automatically switches to night mode in the evening. The display shows a large clock and a sleep scale, allowing the user to have an overview of how long they can still sleep if they unexpectedly wake up.


Companion App

The companion app provides access to more detailed settings and music options.